Sunday, April 13, 2003

Three things that rule etc. blah:

1. Not having to work Saturdays for the rest of 2003. My favorite thing to do in life is sleep in on weekend mornings, now I have twice the weekly somnambulary pleasure. I have a lot of nights of 5-6 hours of sleep from the past 3 1/2 months to make up for.

2. This bootleg of the late standup comedian Bill Hicks berating a crowd in Chicago. (Try Track 19 for the piece de le resistance.) The fact that he sounds so sincere that his voice cracks in the middle of his "kill everybody, Hitler had the right idea" rant kills me every time.

3. Devils up 2-0 on the Bruins. It's hard to get excited about a first round series against a mediocre team like the Bruins - if the Devils win, they're supposed to win; if they don't, it's a horrific choke. But it's a promising sign that Brodeur seems to be at the top of his game again and the power play is finally showing some signs of life. I'd feel more confident if another player (ie, Patrik Elias) stepped up offensively, though.

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