Friday, April 25, 2003

A list of lesser known urban legends. Please, spread them around to your coworkers and associates. Let a hundred fraudulent memes bloom.

- The proceeds from the sales of those flower seeds they used to advertise in comic books went to fund neo-Marxist rebel insurgencies in Latin America.

- "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was originally called "My Big Fat Canadian Wedding." They had to change the name after Alan Thicke backed out at the last moment.

- Everyone knows the side effects of Coke, but most people don’t know that consumption of RC Cola has been directly linked to the increased likelihood of purchasing Molly Hatchet tapes and “If It Smells Like Fish, Eat It” can coolers.

- “Grit” was discontinued when their reporters got too close to the truth about the Kennedy assassination coverup.

- This one guy I knew once? Well, a friend of his totally got all wasted on Robitussin and tequila, and ran into this old lady’s car, right? And it turned out that she, like, owned the company that made Robitussin, or something, and the company paid him all this money to keep it a secret, ‘cause drinking lots of Robitussin totally fucks you up. Swear to God, man.

- If you dial the keyboard riff from Lipps Inc.’s “Funkytown” on a telephone, you’ll be connected to Henry Kissinger’s private phone line.

- The Newlywed Game urban legend is actually true. But they never showed Bob Eubanks' seven minute rant directed at the "filthy sodomite whore."

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