Monday, April 07, 2003

I'm sick - sore throat, sinuses and the rest. Normally, I am a placid, easygoing sort, except for the occasional online rant/whine. But when I get sick, I turn into the most miserable, bitchy whiner anyone ever had to endure. I've literally said things like "god, this illness will NEVER end" and "kill me, just kill me" over a damn sinus infection. But I still dragged myself to work today, partly because I have deadlines to meet and partly because I already blew one of my sick days last week. I deserve a medal for this sacrifice.

All right, enough complaining. Let's slap on a fake smile and list three things that rule at this particular moment -

1. Syracuse going to the national championship game, thus ensuring that I finished in 6th place in the office pool. Just out of the money, but a respectable showing considering I didn’t watch a game of college basketball this year. (Thanks, Dayton and Mississippi State, for unceremoniously choking in the first round to ruin my chance to finish in the money.)

2. Finally decided to pony up the money for this, and there’s a lot more cool stuff here than I had initially realized. Lots of good late-90’s indie rock that I wouldn’t pay full price for but is nice to have nevertheless, Daniel Johnston’s complete discography, a handful of classic 70’s/80’s post-punk (finally got Suicide’s first album and a bunch of post-Brix Fall stuff), and best of all, the complete Shanachie/Yazoo catalog. Prewar blues overload, baby. Best of all, I’ll probably get everything I need in three months, so it’ll only cost me $45 total. Well worth it. (C'mon, Emusic, pull a Dr. Pepper and comp me for my three month membership in exchange for this endorsement. This blog reaches a valuable accidentally-stumbled-here-through-a-random-Google-search demographic.)

3. The website for “A Mighty Wind.” Really looking forward to this one, looks like they nailed a lot of the details of 60's folk music and the clips are promising. I just hope the movie includes the Folksmen’s version of “Start Me Up.”

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