Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Three things that rule at the moment:

1. "(We'll Be) United" by the Intruders. One of the first Gamble and Huff hits - three minutes of pure pop transcendence. Enough to make even the most preternaturally cynical among us believe in true love forever, at least for three minutes.

2. Calcium-enriched orange juice. Vitamin C + calcium - the horrible taste of milk. If they would just figure out a way to grind up some protein and put it in this stuff, I would rely on it for all my nutritional needs.

3. The New Jersey Devils. 12-0-1-1 in the last 14? Let's hope that Lou Lamoriello will be able to make the final trade to put them over the top. I'm thinking that Zigmund Palffy just might be to the 2003 Devils what Alexander Mogilny was to the 2000 Devils.

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