Saturday, February 15, 2003

At the risk of sounding like a hack 1980's-era observational comedian, it's time for a new feature on the VBGS - What Up With That?

- This week's headline in the National Enquirer: "TRAITORS! Hollywood Celebrities Support Iraq". Is there any form of media that isn't controlled by the right wingers now? What's next, those poorly mimeographed socialist flyers you find in certain parts of large cities?

- The chorus of Bruce Springsteen's new single. Uh, Bruce, why are you stealing lyrics from the Children's Television Workshop?

- Just kidding about the terror alert. Can we all quit paying attention to that stupid fucking color code now? And would those of you who still believe anything that our government tells us quit believing in the tooth fairy already and develop the world weary sense of detachment and cynicism that will be necessary to survive living in a regime run by manipulative, pathological liars?

(OK, I promised myself I would limit the political invective on this thing. Back to light, fluffy nonsense next time.)

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