Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Hi. Due to the Blog Proliferation Act of 2002, which requires every person in America to maintain a blog, I am legally mandated to post boring personal information and inane observations here on a regular basis.

About me - I'm 24. I live in the DC suburbs. I have an uninteresting accounting day job that I won't bore you with too much. I like music, quality sketch comedy, old video games, diners and other pop culture minutiae. I read some "serious" literature, but probably not as much as I should. Turnoffs include pretension, "indie" snobbery, cultural conservatism and rude people. I'm a failed musician and songwriter, although I can play a competent rhythm guitar or bass. I like to go for the easy joke. I complain too much and I'm massively self-absorbed, which explains this whole project in the first place.

Basically, no one I know is interested in the things I like, and I need an outlet for my various thoughts. (Apparently, holding conversations with yourself under your breath is frowned upon in polite society.) So let the pointless observations commence. You have been warned.

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