Thursday, February 06, 2003

I realize that I'm being a killjoy here, but I was rather disappointed in the recent news that the Simpsons will be renewed for another three years. I've officially given up on the show this year; too many cliched plots and one-dimensional characters. The classic Simpsons combined funny one-shot gags, humorous character-driven story lines, and plots that subtly satirized the culture without hitting you over the head the way, say, South Park is prone to do. Now all that's left are the gags, which aren't even very funny any more. The characterizations are too broad and one-note (and what's up with Marge's growing drinking problem? Please god, don't let there be a Very Special Episode about that in the near future.). The current Simpsons now reminds me of Family Guy or one of the other cheap animated knockoffs that failed miserably three or four years ago. So five or six years from now, the odds will be 50-50 that I'll get a lousy episode whenever I watch the reruns.

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