Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I’ve been ranting a little too much in this space lately. It’s time to provide a little balm for the soul in the form of three things that rule at this particular moment. Because why would you blog about things that make you hate, when you can blog about things that make you love?

1. Sketch comedy goodness on DVD. Mr. Show season 3 next week, SCTV early next year, The State sometime next year...all we need is for Comedy Central to finally release the Upright Citizens Brigade and a comprehensive Kids in the Hall release and all of the classic sketch comedy shows of the past two decades will be easily accessible on DVD.

2. Soulseek. I've raved plenty about this on ISOYG lately, but damn if this isn't the greatest thing ever invented. Electricity? The internal combustion engine? The microwave? How does MP3s of almost every song ever recorded, including every semi-obscure song I've been spending years searching for, grab you? I don't think it's exaggerating the point that all of mankind's achievements to this point were a mere prelude to the greatness that is Soulseek.

3. The Marathon Deli in College Park, MD. Best Greek takeout place in North America, restaurant quality meals for $7 or less. One of the best things about living in the much (somewhat unfairly) maligned county of Prince George's.

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