Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Granted, this one wasn't quite as sweet as 1995 (first time a team I rooted for ever won anything) or 2000 (vindication after several disappointing seasons), but it was pretty entertaining nevertheless. It had the feeling of the end of an era, though - the Devils barely got by a younger, faster team in the Senators and made the series against the Ducks much harder than it should've been. But if it's over, it was a great run, comparable to any team in NHL history not named the Montreal Canadiens. And since the other team I root for will never win anything ever, it's been really enjoyable to be on the right side of watching a dominant team for once.

The only regret I have is that Ken Daneyko didn't somehow find a way to score the game winner. I'll miss watching Daneyko - he was Central Casting's consumate hockey player: a toothless, sluggish skater who made a 20 year career from sheer toughness and guile.

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