Sunday, June 15, 2003

McDonald's new breakfast abomination "McGriddles" are being advertised with the oddly self-deprecating slogan "Weird, but a good kind of weird." Here are some of the rejected advertising slogans:

- "McGriddles: Clinical Tests Have Proven Only a Two in Three Chance of Indigestion From This Product."

- "McGriddles: I Mean, You Could Try It, If You Wanted To. But I Wouldn't Recommend It."

- "McGriddles: What Do You Expect for a Buck Twenty Nine, Anyway?"

- "McGriddles: Because We're Quickly Running Out of Ideas."

- "McGriddles: Haven't You Always Wanted Something That Combines the Sweet Taste of Maple Syrup and the Hearty Taste of Breakfast Sausage? No? Sorry."

- "McGriddles: Hi, You Don't Know Me, But I'm a McDonald's Marketing Executive. It Would Really Help Me Out if You Bought a Few of These McGriddles. See, Sales Are Down and My Boss is Really Breathing Down My Neck. I Really Need a Home Run with this McGriddles Thing. I Know It's a Lame Idea. Just Buy a Couple and Feed Them to the Dogs. Thanks."

- "McGriddles: Dude, This is Some Seriously Fucked Up Shit, Right Here."

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