Monday, January 26, 2004

The seemingly unending ads for Comedy Central's reruns of MAD TV bill it is as "TV's riskiest sketch comedy." I'm not sure how continual parodies of Kenny Rogers qualifies as "risky," but in any case, I'm willing to restart my failed career as television showrunner and create a real, live, risky sketch comedy. It'll be just like the other sketch comedy shows (catch phrases run into the ground, limp parodies of showbiz figures, etc.), but every sketch will be performed inside a piranha tank or on a live minefield. Also, you'll love our wacky new character, Eddie the Hyperactive Spree Killer, who'll randomly fire several shots into the live studio audience during each appearance on the show. (He'll shoot to maim, not kill, but hey, who knows what'll happen?) And since the American viewing public is so jaded, we'll work around the clock to personally call each viewer and create personalized insults guaranteed to offend even the most unoffendable! Damn you, Comedy Central, this is the cutting edge risky landmark groundbreaking extreme television that will dominate this decade! Will you not answer my multitude of increasingly unhinged and threatening phone calls and e-mails?

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