Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Oh, man, greatest spam e-mail text ever:

you deep chef well slap mah fro! Someone is bending the pie!
Work out your debt troubles
Click here to find out more
Hey baby wanna let me start laughing with your organ? the town are holding the flashlight? finally!
everyone is puking all over the toothpick Pin the ear on the donkey
One effortless low monthly fee
I wonder if the rock was rancid
wtf! the cup of coffee was crying with the hairy store! the shopping cart are Canadian
A fresh credit card makes baby Jesus cry

Although I'm also fond of this one from a couple weeks back:

doodle belligerent crust amanuensis bestir bulrush cedilla spaghetti whistle easternmost noreen barnes withdrew bitt person carefree historiography apothegm coon compartment airflow centenary clam errancy expectorant channel brownian statute suzuki amethyst contraceptive calder inactivate canst whitetail aubrey quirky caliph kay nucleus exercise prohibition twa sawtooth nightingale orkney eleven loquacious mckinney causal allstate occurred downpour omega postmultiply riflemen frock screwdriver inertance standish brotherhood chromatin carabao joan

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