Saturday, January 10, 2004

As you're no doubt aware if you follow the NFL or live in the DC metropolitan area, Joe Gibbs is coming out of retirement to coach the Washington Redskins. To give you an idea of how the media has reacted to this announcement, here are some actual headlines from the past two days of the Washington Post:

Joe Gibbs to Coach Redskins, Commissioner Declares Redskins Champions of Next Six Super Bowls

Style: Interviews with Everyone Who Has Ever Known or Met Joe Gibbs

Fan Reaction: Eight Pages of Grown Men Gibbering Like Little Schoolgirls

Editorial: Bush Should Resign, Name Gibbs President-for-Life

With Cryogenics, Cloning, Gibbs Can Coach Redskins Forever

Gibbs More Popular than Jesus? Most Theologians Say Yes

60% of DC Population Killed in Massive Fireball from Space (see page A6)

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