Thursday, February 05, 2004

Hard to believe, but today marks the one year anniversary of the first post on this blog. (Please do not actually go back and read those first entries, as they suck even more than the usual fare here.) Over the past year, we've laughed a little, cried a little, and learned a little something about ourselves. And this humble little web-thing has grown from a semi-regularly updated site that no one reads but me to a sporadically updated site that no one reads but me. My thanks to anyone who reads this site. Whether you're killing time at work, you kinda sorta know me online, or you came here via a Google search for "+paris hilton +sextape +donkey," I appreciate your patronage. I hope that this site has provided some amusement, or at the very least not made you cringe with embarrassment on my behalf too often. (And I promise that in year two, the self-deprecation that is ladled over this entry will be kept to an acceptable minimum.)

This would be the natural time to walk away, to stop this project before the updates become even more sporadic and half-assed and keeping a blog becomes even more unfashionable, a pop culture relic of the early aughts. But I've never let common sense, regard for quality or self-respect keep me from achieving massive public embarrassment. So, onward we march into year number two, fearlessly continuing to boldly flog the same obscure half-jokes and cultural quasi-commentary in the face of public indifference. May God have mercy on us all.

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