Sunday, September 26, 2004

ACTOR: Hi, I'm Denzel Washington. Here in the poorest villages of southern Zambia, conditions are rough. Food is scarce, medicine is in short supply, and the basic living conditions are intolerable. For just a few pennies a day, you can make life better for a suffering child.

Not through food or supplies or education. That would cost thousands of dollars a year, and let's face it - one small charity advertising on late night TV isn't going to put a dent in the problems of a third world country. At New Hope Children's Fund, we're changing kids' lives one day at a time. For a simple donation of $50 a year, we'll throw a pizza party in the honor of one lucky boy or girl. Your donation will buy a young child a pepperoni pizza, a slice of cake for dessert, enough party favors and noisemakers for his or her entire family and memories that will last a lifetime. And we'll send you pictures commemorating your child's special day.

Just listen to this testamonial from young Antare:

VOICEOVER: "My village was destroyed by the ongoing guerrilla war. The water supply is tainted and we often go days without food. But thanks to New Hope, I had a really fun time at my pizza party. Everyone sang songs and played crazy party games. I never saw my little brother laugh so much! Although it's over now and the gnawing pains in my stomach are back again, I'll treasure the memories of that one special day for the rest of my life. Thank you, New Hope."

ACTOR: Support New Hope Children's Fund. We're doing what little we can to fight poverty. I mean, at least it's something, right?

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