Thursday, May 22, 2003

You've undoubtedly noticed the ads at the top of this blog and every other blog run by freeloaders at Blogspot. I'd like to take this opportunity to review some of the ads I've had on this blog and see if they meet the strenuous standards needed to receive the Vitamin B Glandular Show's coveted "Eh, It's OK" seal of customer tolerance.

- Jimmy Reed CD. I heartily endorse this product - Jimmy Reed was a fine bluesman and one of the key architects of the urban blues and r&b that was later cannibalized in the invention of rock and roll. I own this, which is apparently out of print, but just get a Jimmy Reed CD with "Bright Lights, Big City" and "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby" and you'll be all right.

- "Learn How to Play Like Eric Clapton" guitar instructional thingy. I don't recommend this. Clapton was always overrated (aside from Cream and "Bellbottom Blues"), and if you want to ape an old blues guitar player, pick one of the ones that Clapton ripped off.

- Old fashioned ice cream maker. Yeah, OK, if you're into that kind of thing. I just wish they called it "Fantabulous Old Fashioned Ice Cream Contraption" or something similarly archaic.

- American Cancer Society. I am firmly against cancer, and if that offends anyone, then so be it. Some things just need to be said.

- Buy CD at Amazon - U2, Santana, David Gray. OK, I use Amazon at times, but c'mon. This blog is not responsible for any physical damage or mental distress that may result from purchasing a Santana or David Gray CD.

- Beds and mattresses. I have no objection to these items. Personally, I don't use them, since I always fall asleep in the corner of the room in the fetal position weeping. But if you're one of those "bed people," then go buy one.

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