Friday, May 30, 2003

Time for another installment of Fun with Hotmail. And possibly coming soon: Fun with Referrals.

FWD: it CAN rise (A positive mental attitude is the first step in overcoming erectile dysfunction.)

Dirty Deeds (I didn't open the e-mail to find out if these dirty deeds were, indeed, done dirt cheap.)

This Camera Makes A Fantastic Endowment (The unholy marriage of the X10 spam and the penis lengthening spam. When they merge with the bisexual cam girls spam, the result will be a truly unstoppable force.)

Wanna become a professional bingo player? (Sorry, ever since my ill-fated foray into professional canasta, I've been jaded by the big money, high stakes world of professional sports.)

what does she say about the length of your (OK, nothing special about this, but the sender is "erin moran." Joanie, no!)

Outrageous nutty hotties ("Nutty"? I'm envisioning naked women wearing novelty nose glasses and doing Jerry Lewis impressions. Let's just move on.)

Split her cum muffler apart ("Cum muffler" makes me laugh. So sue me.)

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