Monday, March 24, 2003

Fun with Hotmail:

One of the reasons I stubbornly cling to my hotmail account is for all the wacky, fun spam you receive. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite spam subject titles in a little segment we like to call Fun with Hotmail. (italicized comments mine)

a small penis shows through the pants (Just screams sexy, don't it? You're lookin' small and flaccid today, baby!)

first fukc (Shoddy spelling or an unnecessary attempt at self-censorship?)

an orgasm is just the beginning (Uh, you sent this to a guy, so that's not really true.)

Monkey Business (I clicked the link here. It's nude photos of Gary Hart.)

Sheep Love Videos (It's either bestiality pr0n or a statement of fact about the viewing habits of sheep. Sheep love videos, but prefer DVDs for the added features. And don't get them started on having to buy Godfather III in the Godfather series box set.)

S-H-O-C-K AND A-W-E.. lnwtmrv qlmsgulc bv oil (You know a phrase has officially been overused when you start seeing it in spam e-mails. And dig the subtle jab at the oil companies at the end. What's next - "EXPAND YOUR PENIS BY THREE INCHES AND FREE MUMIA"?)

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