Sunday, October 31, 2004


I'm voting for Kerry. (Yes, this is the long awaited endorsement that will send that influential swing voter group, the "confused googlers," directly into the Kerry camp.) And I'm not just voting for Kerry because I hate Bush (although, god, do I hate Bush so very very much), but because I think he'll provide the combination of pragmatism and the ability to hire people not completely blinded by ideology and hubris. This will likely be a cleanup administration rather than an activist administration given the incredibly fucked up mess that is America 2004, and Kerry will at least be willing to address the problems that the Bush adminstration would rather ignore. And I'm pretty confident that he won't start unprovoked wars just to increase his popularity. I don't expect miracles from Kerry, just an end to the high-school-kids-hopped-up-on-tequila-crashing-Dad's-station-wagon style of governance of the past few years.

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