Sunday, July 04, 2004

In honor of July 4th, a retrospective on some of John Philip Sousa's lesser known works:

"Break Up That Union Meeting March"
"America: One Swell Place"
"Hurrah, For Only Three of My Children Died of the Dropsy!"
"The Memphis Press-Scimitar March"
"May I Take You to the St. Swithin's Day Barnyard Social, Emmy Lou?" (a rare, disastrous foray into romantic songwriting)
"The Industrialist: A Salute to Our White, Elderly, Bloated Ruling Overclass"
"Hail to Old North Dakota State University!"
"Stomp on a Spaniard's Face"
"Red, Green and Polka Dotted Yellow (The Eagle and the Flag Travel By Wireless)" (written during Sousa's famed "ether" period)

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