Sunday, April 11, 2004

I'm currently suffering from post-tax season burnout, the bane of the accounting professional. Updates to this here thing will gradually return to semi-regular over the next few weeks. (Promise or threat, etc.) In the meantime, a few quick things:

- I realize spam found humor is getting played out, but:
Subject: wellbutrin reduces cocaine craving and is much cheaper!
A drug that reduces the craving for cocaine? What an wondrous age we live in.

- "Everything's Tuesday" by the Chairmen of the Board. My parents had Best of Buddah Records on 8-track, so Holland-Dozier-Holland style pop-soul was part of the soundtrack of my earliest years (along with Waylon Jennings' Greatest Hits - I haven't heard either in years, but I can still remember most of the songs note-for-note). This song encapsulates everything I like about the style - a subtly on-the-mark rhythm section, breezily buoyant strings and a vocal chorus that establishes permanent residence in your head.

- Dear whoever is designing the modern suburban office park: Is it your intention to create the most depressingly uniform and bleak landscapes possible? I know you're probably bitter about getting passed over for the downtown highrise project, so you're just halfassing it and inflicting some of your own turmoil on the rest of us, but seriously - windows? Colors besides that drab slightly-lighter-than-brick-red that every office complex I see uses? Building designs that aren't so damn blocky and square? I'm not a big visual aesthete or anything, I'm just looking for something that doesn't exacerbate my light-deprivation-caused irritability. Most suburban commercial zones are only slightly more cheerful looking than East Berlin circa 1977 or so. So let's vary things up a little. Also - windows. Thanks.

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