Sunday, May 02, 2004

Yeah. Well. I'm currently in the throes of another debiliating case of writers' block. So while the half-finished blog and online web magazine pieces taunt me in my Recent Documents folder, let's stall for time by listening to another MP3, shall we? This is "I Lost My Dog" by the Fiery Furnaces from their upcoming album Blueberry Boat. The album mostly consists of longish (seven to ten minutes) pop-psych-English music hall pastiche mini-epics, but this is a short, jaunty old-fashioned pop song that's reminiscent of their debut album. Charming, clever and oddly catchy. And please don't miss the surprise ending, with a groaningly awful pun that serves as the song's punchline.

More later this week. Really. Probably.

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